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Raw Harvest Nutrition

Nutrition consultations

Our founder and resident Nutritionist Lizi Maskiell provides nutrition consultations that include assistance and advice across all areas of nutrition;

– General dietary advice

-Nutrition and sports performance

– Intolerance and allergy information

– Weight Loss – safely and effectively (measurements only if you would like to incorporate)

– Management of diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol working with your GP

– Lifestyle management; working with you to create a program that suits your goals and dreams

– Creating healthy relationships with food

– Improving diet to effectively assist gut health, skin irritation, inflammation and auto-immune disease

– Diet through life stages; infants, toddlers, children, adolescents, pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, post-natal, adult males, adult women, menopause, over 50, over 80

Our initial consultation will be 45 minutes of going through a series of questions to establish what you would like to achieve in our time together and how we will best manage your plan so that it fits in with your current routine and allows for gradual changes.

You will then receive a detailed and individualised written plan from me via confidential email, with respect to what we put in place in our initial meeting.

One meeting may be all you need, depending on why you have come to visit in the first place.

Follow on consultations are available regularly or when you feel you need to further advice to reach your goals.

These are generally 15-30 minute consultations where we will address, amend and make alterations for growth and improvement to aim to achieve the healthiest balance of life you can.

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